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IT Admin

Take your IT administrators to the next level.


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Pack IT Admin

Take your IT admin to the next level

Why this IT Admin package ?

10 key points.

Autonomous license management with cloud cockpit

Optimize your license management with our Cloud Cockpit functionality. Ensure autonomous and centralized management of all your licenses, providing unprecedented visibility and control to IT administrators. Our platform allows you to efficiently manage licenses and costs, while simplifying administration and reducing compliance risks.

Incident management via online platform

Minimize downtime and improve problem resolution with our online incident management platform. We offer responsive technical support and specialized assistance to ensure the continuity and stability of your IT operations, while optimizing end-user satisfaction.

Adaptability to the number of users

Our offer dynamically adapts to the number of users within your company. Scalable and flexible, it allows optimal management of resources and adjusts to the changing needs of your organization, thus ensuring a wise and sustainable IT investment.

Advice on writing expressions of need

Our specialist consultants will work closely with your CIO to understand the unique requirements, challenges and objectives of your business. They will help translate these elements into a clear, coherent and comprehensive requirements document, which will serve as a solid foundation for the implementation and development of your solutions Microsoft, ensuring deliverables are aligned with business expectations and goals.

Unlimited Training with E-Teacher

Maximize your team's skills with our unlimited training provided by our e-teacher. Develop the expertise of your employees and optimize the use of technological tools through continuous learning adapted to the specific needs of your company.

M365 technical support

Benefit from specialized technical support for Microsoft 365. Our team of experts assists you in the implementation, management and optimization of M365, ensuring smooth and collaboration. secure within your company

Supervision by the Cloud Success Manager

With oversight from our Cloud Success Manager, ensure your transition to the cloud is a resounding success. We offer personalized monitoring, strategic advice and ongoing support to ensure your business fully realizes the benefits of the cloud.

Unlimited training on Microsoft tools (MOOC)

Expand your knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of technology with our unlimited training on Microsoft tools via MOOC. We offer you uninterrupted access to a variety of courses to ensure your team fully masters the tools and leverages all available features.

Proactive security monitoring

Using cutting-edge technologies and drawing on deep cybersecurity expertise, our team continuously monitors your systems, ensuring 24/7 monitoring of security integrity and immediate response in the event of incident. This service not only maintains the robustness of your technological environment, but also ensures business continuity by minimizing the risks associated with cybersecurity threats.

Unlimited application maintenance

We assure you of rapid and efficient intervention, thus minimizing downtime and guaranteeing constant performance and availability. This service is designed to adapt as your business evolves, providing reliable, seamless support as your needs and technologies evolve.

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