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Audit Modern Workplace


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Why do an audit?


Introduction to Auditing

Discover our complete Microsoft 365 usage audit service, specially designed to optimize your digital work environment. In a world where technology evolves at lightning speed, ensuring effective management and optimal use of Microsoft 365 tools is crucial to the productivity and security of your business. Our in-depth audit offers you a clear and precise vision of your current uses, allowing you to align technology and business strategy in a harmonious manner.

In-depth analysis of licensing

Optimize your investment with our detailed licensing analysis Microsoft 365. Managing licenses can quickly become a headache for businesses. Our audit includes a careful analysis of your licensing, identifying underutilized or unused licenses, and guides you towards a more efficient cost structure adapted to your real needs. Make sure every dollar invested in your Microsoft 365 licenses is spent wisely and contributes directly to achieving your business goals.

Detailed report and recommendations for improvements

Transform your operations with a detailed audit report and tailored recommendations. At the end of our audit, you will receive an exhaustive report highlighting the strengths and areas for improvement of your Microsoft 365 uses. But we don't stop there. We also provide you with concrete improvement recommendations, developed by our experts, to maximize the efficiency, security and compliance of your Microsoft 365 environment.

Why choose our audit

Choose a Microsoft 365 audit that goes beyond simple analysis. Our unique approach combines in-depth technical expertise with a detailed understanding of business issues. We don't just tell you where you are, we guide you to where you should be. With our audit, make Microsoft 365 a real lever of performance and innovation for your business.

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