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At the end of each of the training courses presented below, you will be able to master Microsoft tools dedicated to SMEs. Here are the training courses we offer:

The objective of each training

Train future administrators in personalized configuration of Microsoft tools. At the end of each training course, you will be able to master Microsoft tools dedicated to SMEs.

Who is the training aimed at?

To all companies in all sectors of activity. Our training is aimed at different positions and functions within the company. The only prerequisite is to be an Office/Microsoft 365 customer.


Each training lasts 4 days, or 28 hours, and takes place over 4 weeks (1 day per week).

Access delay

We will contact you within 48 hours of your first request. Then, we study your training project together during one or more meetings, building your project together and giving the dates of the next sessions.

Teaching methods

Each training takes place remotely via Microsoft Teams with a maximum of 6 participants. The learner experience is at the heart of our concern; our distance learning courses are inter-company, which promotes learner involvement as well as exchanges between learners and the trainer. In parallel with the training and over the same period (4 weeks), the learner has access to dedicated technical support to answer their questions and move forward with their project in complete autonomy.

Evaluation method

Our training courses are not certifying. The validation of acquired knowledge is done by implementing several real application exercises throughout the training. Our training modules are validated by the provision of a certificate of attendance.


Our training courses being 100% remote, they are open and accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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