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Pack Modern Workplace


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Pack Modern Workplace

Pack Modern Workplace

Much more than just a pack


Discover our Modern Workplace pack: Your next partner towards digital transformation

Immerse yourself in the digital age, your essential ally for a smooth and efficient digital transition. In a world where 73% of employees opt for teleworking and where internal and external collaboration takes up 70% of working time, the Modern Workplace pack presents itself as the ultimate solution to meet the current requirements of SMEs. We do not just offer you a service pack, but a passport to operational modernity, where each process is optimized, each data is secure, and each team is ultra-connected.

Security and serenity

83% of businesses have experienced fraud attempts, security is not an option, it is a necessity. Our pack wraps you in an unwavering layer of security, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats and guaranteeing complete peace of mind in all your operations. From identity security to conditional access, every interaction, every data is under close surveillance, allowing you to focus on what you do best: make it thrive your business.

Unrivaled support every step of the way

Navigate through your digital transformation with the assurance of unparalleled customer support, it's much more than a technological solution, it's a partnership dedicated to your success. We are here for you, every step of the way, ensuring that every transition is smooth, every question is answered, and every challenge is met with expertise and diligence. Our team of dedicated Microsoft experts is your team - always ready to guide you, support you, and propel you towards operational excellence. With Air Cloud and this pack, you are never alone on your digital journey, you have a reliable ally, always by your side, ensuring that every step you take is a not towards success.

Automation and efficiency

Imagine a world where every process is seamless, every task is automated, and every data is at your fingertips. Our Modern Workplace bundle turns this dream into reality, automating your business processes and giving you unprecedented control over your data and customer interactions. We bring you a platform where technology and people coexist in perfect harmony, creating a workspace where efficiency meets convenience.

Where technology meets innovation

You don't just adopt technology, you embrace innovation. From Microsoft 365 to Azure, Power Platform and Dynamics 365, every tool, every application is designed to propel you forward. It is more than an offer, it is a promise: the promise to accompany you to new heights, to unlock new possibilities and to navigate into the future with confidence and agility.

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