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Microsoft Azure.

Comprehensive monitoring of your Azure Cloud environment



Animation of the transformation steering committee with a single contact and cost management with Azure Cost Management.


Migrating your Infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. Implementation of a PRA and a BackUp to ensure the resumption of activity of your infrastructure in the event of a problem.


Training for administrators of your Azure platform.



Management of alerts received and monitoring the security of your infrastructure, system, SQL/MySQL database, and system security updates.

IT support

Ticketing operation with a 4-hour SLA and Premier contract at Microsoft.

Safety campaign

Integration of a safety campaign aimed at applying current standards.

Easy to use

How it works ?

Azure: Microsoft's Cloud Computing platform

Azure, formerly Windows Azure, is Microsoft's cloud service.It allows tight integration with the main existing operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Windows Phone, etc.) .

Active in 54 regions around the world, the Microsoft Azure solution has more than 100 services and offers you a wide choice of IT solutions to meet all the needs of your business. Microsoft Azure thus simplifies the use and administration of licensed technologies. The Microsoft Azure solution aims to cover all of your business needs: products, cloud services, applications, DevOps, marketing analysis, Internet of Things (IoT).
You'll be up and running with a high-performance, scalable solution.

Cloud Computing: what is it?

Cloud computing corresponds to access to computer services (servers, storage, software, networking) via the Internet.

So, instead of storing documents directly on your computers' physical servers, you can store them online. Offering a truly new user experience, cloud computing solutions like Microsoft Azure have many advantages for businesses:

Cost reduction

The expense of setting up and operating a data center is eliminated. The cloud allows you to access the IT resources you need in real time, thus avoiding additional costs such as the purchase of maintenance, computer hardware or the employment of an IT specialist.

Increased security

Securing cloud infrastructure is a priority for providers. In order to secure all of your data, documents and applications, continuous updating of security control technologies is ensured.

Optimized management of your resources

Cloud computing allows you to develop and manage your applications more efficiently. Thus, cloud providers constantly update their data storage centers, providing you with fast and efficient computing resources that are never obsolete and would be more expensive to implement in a single database.

Decentralized backups

As cloud computing servers are decentralized, they allow your data to be backed up in multiple geographic locations giving you great reliability. This also allows your IT resources to be distributed from specific geographic locations when needed.

Why use Microsoft Azure?

The Microsoft cloud environment has the broadest hybrid feature set of any cloud provider. With its artificial intelligence service and enterprise-class infrastructure, you can run your workloads from any location at scale.

It is also the cloud solution with the most security certifications.

With more than 70 compliance offerings, Microsoft Azure is a leader in privacy, compliance and security. Microsoft Azure therefore brings together different cloud services. These include storage space, virtual machines, content delivery networks and services using Microsoft's proprietary technologies.

For example, RemoteApp allows the deployment of Windows programs on different OS using a virtual machine. The platform also bundles some cloud versions of popular Microsoft enterprise solutions, such as Active Directory or SQL Server. Other popular Microsoft Azure services include Azure IoT Suite, which connects and monitors connected objects.

In addition to these services, Microsoft partners with hardware vendors such as Lenovo, Dell, EMC, HP Enterprise and Huawei to offer Azure Stack: a solution dedicated to Hybrid Cloud deployments. This allows you in particular to use Microsoft Azure cloud applications in combination with data hosted on websites. Always looking for innovation, artificial intelligence functionalities are included in the Microsoft Azure solution in order to offer you an efficient and secure intelligent cloud experience:

Application Development

This helps simplify the development and deployment of your solutions through consistent programming models, application services, data services and DevOps tools.

Security and identity

Managing security, authentication and profiles in cloud infrastructures is simplified. Microsoft Azure guarantees you total protection against unauthorized access, thus offering you good protection of your company's professional data.

Simplified device management

Monitoring, backup, disaster recovery, and update management tools for cloud and edge environments are available. So after a disaster, none of your data will be lost and you will be able to resume your work where you did previously.

Artificial intelligence on devices

This allows you to build, train, and improve machine learning models that run at the edge to provide real-time insights.

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