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Teams telephony service


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Why choose us for your telephony


Seamless integration with Microsoft

With our deep expertise in Microsoft applications, we ensure seamless integration of your telephony solutions with Teams, strengthening collaboration and communication within your business.

Guaranteed security

In line with our belief that Microsoft solutions provide the best security, our telephony services for Teams are secure, reliable and meet the highest standards.

Training and support

We train your teams in new uses of telephony via Teams, thus guaranteeing a smooth transition and rapid adoption.

Proactive support

Our offering includes support and proactive maintenance to ensure your telephony operates without interruption and meets the changing needs of your business.

Infrastructure optimization

We regularly carry out an assessment and optimization of your infrastructures to guarantee constant and high quality of communication.

Strengthened collaboration

By using Teams for telephony, businesses benefit not only from high-quality calling features, but also from advanced collaboration tools such as chat, video meetings and document sharing, all in one platform.

Cost containment

By centralizing communication and collaboration on a platform, companies can save money and have better control of their telecom budgets.


Teams allows employees to access their calls, meetings and data anywhere, anytime, which is essential in today's business world.

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